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Corelle glass dinnerware is designed to make an impact and take one. Our patterns are inspired by the latest trends in fashion and home decor, delivering a variety of styles that will make a statement in any household. Every piece of corelle dinnerware is break and chip-resistant, making it perfect for everyday dining and entertaining, proving once again that beauty can be tough.

Corelle USP

Corelle Vitrelle 3-Layer Glass Technology The original break and chip resistant glass dinnerware. Its non-porous, thin and light for easy storage and handling, but trust that it can stand up to the rigors of everyday life and still look great. We back Vitrelle glass with a 1-year replacement warranty against breaking and chipping.

Made in Corning, New York USA

Corelle takes pride in its manufacturing excellence. Vitrelle glass is made and thoroughly quality tested in the USA in Corning, New York. Corelle is manufactured with nearly 70 percent of recycled glass. Additionally the design pigments used are food safe and FDA approved.

Corelle Glass Dinnerware Delivers the Following Advantages

Break and Chip Resistant Vitrelle is a unique, tempered glass that is resistant against breaks & chips. The special glass makes versatile Corelle dinnerware as thin and translucent as fine china, yet dramatically stronger.

Patented Vitrelle 3 Layer Glass

The 3 layers of glass are thermally bonded together by laminating a top and bottom layer of clear skin glass to a core center layer, which creates dinnerware that’s lightweight but strong, thin but nonporous.


Vitrelle is lightweight and thinner than typical ceramic plates, when stacked, Corelle takes up less space in cabinets than conventional ceramic plates and bowls.

Non-Porous and Microwave Safe

Vitrelle is non-porous for easy cleaning, microwave safe and even safe for oven use up to 350 degrees.