L Shaped Kitchen

L-shaped kitchen design for a small space

An l-shaped kitchen design is perfect for a small and medium sized kitchen. This design consists of countertops on two adjoining walls that are perpendicular to each other to form an L shape. This kitchen style is widely used in the households that have a crunch of space. The countertop has the gas stove placed on one side and the kitchen sink on the other. It has drawers and shelves etc. to accommodate all the appliances, utensils etc. below the countertop.

You can place a separate sink at the corner and you can place the countertops between the cooking range and the refrigerator. The L-Shaped kitchen offers many benefits and is easy to use. The shape allows more floor space in the kitchen and the dining table can be placed right inside the kitchen. This kitchen can serve as an eat-in kitchen and lets you manage the vacant space in a lot many ways. Moreover the design helps in keeping the working in the kitchen organized. This type of kitchen needs a larger central area in comparison of others.

Experiment in your kitchen with L-shaped design

If you require more work space, you can add a small workstation like electric equipment in the center to create additional workspace. This space can also be utilized as a mini bar or a breakfast area. Various materials can be made to use to make an L shape kitchen. The cabinets and the frame can be crafted with wood or engineered wood and the counter top can be created with stone like marble.

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