1. Why should I buy from Fabfurnish?

We have a revolutionary online custom furniture design e-commerce platform, which allows you to design / customize your furniture using a 3D interface software. This enables you to visualize your design well before it gets executed at your place. Our design and service teams are fully equipped to meet the challenges of the furniture e-retailing industry, from displaying furniture effectively on product pages, customizing complex modular systems to viewing entire designs in real-time and on site as well. Your own design, best quality, finish and functionality comes to you at a very attractive price. Combined with convenient design & buying experience, fast and efficient delivery and best customer service.

2. Why do I need an expert visit?

Since most customers come to us asking for fitted wardrobes and kitchens and knowing that most places don’t have masonary work at complete right angles, we find that taking measurements to fit something exactly requires experience. And hence we send out our expert to take the final measurements. Our expert will showcase all the wood materials, laminates, veneers, hardware etc. This will help you understand better what you are buying. He will suggest needed changes in design too if needed. He will guide you through making right decision regarding design, usability, feasibility etc. This service is totally free of cost. This service is intended to guide you through making right decision regarding design, usability and feasibility & provide you with touch feel experience of materials, colours, finishes, hardware etc After you have made your initial selection and you are satisfied with our price and terms, you have to pay booking advance of 10% to book an expert visit. After expert visit, you need to confirm the order by paying 50% of invoice value (booking advance gets adjusted here). Wardrobe will be manufactured against your this order confirmation.

3. What are the dimensions I can choose for wardrobes?

Our wardrobes are currently available in height range of 72-84 inches and standard usable depth of 24 inches. You can choose wardrobe width between 24 to 120 inches using our designer interface. If you have requirements other than these, in that case you can opt for the model you like and we customize it as per your choices and sizes.

4. What is the material used for these wardrobes?

By default we use particle board for caracas (inner sections & shelves) of wardrobes. Details below
Side Panels of 17/18mm
Back Panel 9mm
Top and Bottom Panel 18mm
Shelves of 17 /18 mm
Drawer Facia 17 / 18 mm, Drawer Boxing 12mm, Bottom 6mm Exterior Materials / Finishes / Colours / Handles etc can vary from from model to model. Price of wardrobe changes accordingly.

5. What hardware is used for your wardrobes?

The channels, hinges etc constitute the hardware. Our wardrobes have been fitted with high quality tested hardware from Ebco. Colour of hardware would be chosen by us, as per standard matching levels.

6. Do you provide lofts with wardrobes?

Yes! We do offer lofts with the wardrobes. For customers who would like to have lofts, please give details to our expert during his visit to the site. The pricing for the loft is dependent on the size required. It will be billed separately.

7. How long will it take to deliver the wardrobes?

We take up to 4 to 6 weeks to manufacture and deliver the wardrobes. This lead time here is exclusive of installation time (which exclusively depends on customer's availability at the site / home). The installation of the wardrobe will take anywhere between 5hours to one full day per room depending on the loft requirements.

8. Will the FabfurnishTeam install the wardrobes too?

Yes! We will install the wardrobes for you. It’s a free service.
This is how it will work:
(a) Once the wardrobe is ready for delivery, we will call you to fix a time as per your convenience for delivery and installation.
(b) We arrive at the specified time and install the wardrobes in approximately 4-5 hours (can vary depending on parameters like size, existence of lofts etc)

9. How long does it take to install the wardrobes?

Our wardrobes are completely modular in nature and installation is done by highly experienced technicians. We take up to 5 hours to install a standard 6-8 feet wardrobe in a room.
However, if you have opted for a wardrobe with lofts, it will typically take a day's time for installation in one room.
Please know that the installation time will depend on the site condition, wall and floor sections as well and may take longer in some cases.

10. What do I need to check for when the wardrobe is delivered?

(a) You should check to ensure that the wardrobe panels and shutters are well finished and there are no scratches/chip-off on any part of the wardrobe.
(b) You should check to ensure that the wardrobe unit is steady on your floor. Different floors may have a slight incline that may not be noticeable to the naked eye. We will ensure the wardrobes stand firm.
(c) You should check to ensure that the drawer channels and hinges are properly fitted. Try using them once or twice in front of our team to ensure that the motion is smooth.
(d) You should check to ensure that there is no horizontal/ vertical misalignment. Do ask our team to take you through the wardrobe to understand how it works.

11. Do you fix the wardrobe to the wall?

We don't fix the wardrobe to the wall or to the floor. The wardrobes are assembled on the floor, fitted with levellers so that they can be adjusted to stand horizontally and be balanced.

12. What does the fabfurnish team require from me to help with the installation process?

(a) Free space of at least 7 feet by 10 feet adjacent to the wardrobe location for assembly and installation.
(b) A power connection point for usage of electrical tools during installation.

13. What if I don't like the wardrobe when you deliver and install it?

Sorry, we are unable to take returns or exchange your wardrobe, as its made against your order. However, to avoid such situation, our associate will visit you to show case materials & check that all fits well (after you pay 10%). However, in case of any damages found at the time of delivery, we will replace the defective piece with a new one.

14. How to register complaints and requests?

All Fabfurnish products come with standrad warranty and carry warranty documents. In case of any difficulties or problems, email your complaints at
contact no : +91 124 6733300
mail id :