Straight Kitchen

Straight modular kitchen for an organized look

A straight modular kitchen is the simplest form of kitchen designs. It has a slab that has a cooktop, a sink and a slab in a single line to carry out the functionality of the kitchen in the easiest manner. The straight line design can be built on any side of the kitchen and adds to the ease of working. It is a compact form of working. It is pushed against the walls therefore occupies less space and makes the kitchen look less stuffed. The placement of the table makes the kitchen look airy and spacious.

Straight line kitchen design for the modern households

This kitchen design is well suited for modern houses that focus on the style quotient of the entire house. Not only does it provide a style boost to the kitchen, but also makes the work easier since everything is at reach. Your kitchen should be well equipped with a kitchen sink and faucet, stove and counter space to facilitate the cooking process altogether. Careful consideration should be given to designing of the kitchen because it the heart of the house and not only meal but love is also served from the kitchen. The straight line model can also include a refrigerator, but it is not always necessary that it is also put in a straight line form. It can be placed in the corner thus making it easy and convenient for somebody to use this kitchen.

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