Clip Fresh Product Airtight is a commonly known property of a container that prevents the outside air from coming in and vice-versa. It was invented in alchemy for a chemical process and then later adopted by various industrial and consumer goods manufacturers. It is a vital requirement for food storage to keep it preserved for long.

Airtight containers are not just for food but also for beverages. They don’t only protect the contents from getting spoiled but also make it easy to transport. Airtight lunch boxes, for example, are leak proof and hence there is no fear of the oil damaging the remaining contents of the lunch bag. Airtight containers can be bought as individual pieces or as a set of multi-sized containers. They come in varied attractive colors like red, blue, yellow and in sets of assorted colors too. One can also choose the transparent ones to keep it minimal. The material used to manufacture these can be glass, plastic, polypropylene and others. The vacuum flasks or thermoware also fall under this category. Airtight is not restricted to storage containers; certain tools and tableware like pourers and dispensers also form its part.

With the increase in the consumption of canned food, the requirement of airtight containers has also increased. They are manufactured by top brands, and some even come with a reasonable warranty period.Tupperware tops the list of the popular brands. Others include Lock & Lock, Clip Fresh, Clip Fresh Cutting Edge and more.

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