Alloy Burners

An alloy is a mixture of two or more metals, or metals and non-metals. A burner is an apparatus used for producing flame. It can be of many types, used for different purposes, but the most common is a gas burner used in every household. It is a platform where gas combines with air to produce flame.

Traditional burners were made from a single material, mainly brass, which made them heavy and more expensive. These days alloy burners are quite popular as they are treated with complementary metals to alter the properties of the product. Also, the look of the modern burners is much better than the traditional ones. Another advantage is that alloy burners have better warranty as compared to the traditional burners.

Based on the main material used, alloy burners can be of different types – brass alloy burners, aluminium alloy burners, cast iron alloy burners and stainless steel alloy burners. The most common among these are the first two. Aluminium alloy burners are cheaper in price, lighter in weight and have a short lifespan. Brass alloy burners, on the other hand, are expensive and heavier but they last for a lifetime. They are more resistant to stains which make them a favorable choice for many. They also corrode more slowly than aluminium.

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