Armchair A chair with provision of arm rest is known as an armchair. Such a piece of furniture does not only accentuate the comfort level but also helps to enhance, beautify and revamp the look of the room. Armchair is available in captivating shapes and designs and is a must-have living room accessory.

Styles of Armchair
Modern - Armchairs in contemporary designs and appealing colors are a rage for a modern setup. These can either be a part of the sofa set or can be bought separately to accentuate the modern décor of the house.
Antique – Rich in design and with a traditional appeal, these armchairs grace the décor of the house. These armchairs may be upholstered with rich fabrics on a wooden or an iron frame.

Wood - Armchairs can be crafted with various types of wood. It may be upholstered or may have a wooden base.
Iron - Iron armchairs generally have an ethnic touch to them and are preferred for homes with a traditional appeal to them. Most of the antique furniture like chairs, stools or tables is crafted with iron; therefore features fine carved detailing and exquisite finish on it.
Leather – Modern homes with contemporary set up generally include leather furniture. Leather sofa sets or recliners are comfortable to sit and with arm rests, it adds to the comfort level. Leather sofa sets can commonly be seen in households in urban cities.
The armchairs not only give a relaxed and comfortable feel to the arms, but also add to the class and of the type of furniture.