3 Door Armoire It is a French term and refers to the standing closets that are exclusively called wardrobes in English. Armoire is used to store clothes. Mostly wardrobes are made up of mahogany, satinwood, oak and walnut and the designs have undergone marked changes with the passage of time.

An armoire can be very versatile as a place of storage for belongings such as clothes, valuables, books, crockery and more. Old fashioned armoires are visually appealing, with carved doors, designer handles and beautiful embossed work.

Armoires generally have several shelves and hanging rods to provide adequate space for both hanging and folded clothes. The hanging rods can hang up button-down shirts, suits, dresses and other valuable clothes while t-shirts, pants, socks can be accommodated in the drawers. It can be a valuable addition to your household and can be placed anywhere.

Armoires may be mounted on the walls and be used for placing television, home theatres and music systems in the living room or the bedroom. Armoires with glass can also be used in the dining room to display beautiful crockery items. It can also be used in the study room to store books, files and other stationary items.