Art Deco

Wall Art It is a form of visual arts and came into being after the World War I, in France. The style flourished during 1930s and 40s but its popularity diminished after the World War II. The art form is a combination of traditional art motifs and Machine age materials and images. Use of rich colors, grand decoration and bold shapes are some of the features of art deco.

Unusual materials such as ebony, marble, stainless steel, lacquer, aluminum, inlaid wood, sharkskin, and zebra skin are used for decoration and interior designs in Art Deco. The art deco style is all about big, bold designs and colors in anything- be it furniture, painting or lighting.

Art Deco is a popular style around the globe and has inspired many areas of design. It is widely used in products like automobiles, furniture, cookware, textiles, jewelry, clocks, and electronic items such as radios, telephones, and jukeboxes. It highly influenced architecture, interior designing, industrial designing, fashion, graphic arts, and cinema.