Baby Furniture

Any sort of furniture made keeping in mind a baby’s needs is called Baby Furniture. Playpens, cribs, highchairs, mattresses, rocking chairs, changing tables, armoires, rugs, toy boxes, etc., to name a few. It is also called nursery furniture at times. They are made exclusively for babies therefore most of them are of their height or to elevate them and come in bright and peppy colors.

Utmost care should be taken in constructing baby furniture since it should be safe for use and should be crafted from material, which are safe for kids even if they put in into their mouths.

    Types of Baby Furniture -
  • Baby Cribs - Small sized beds exclusively made for kids. They are heavy and usually stay at one place.
  • Bassinets- It is a portable baby bed. It is generally portable and light weighted. They are beautified with curtains and valances.
  • Sunbaby
  • Cradles - These are baby beds with rocks for movement.
  • Study Desk - These have a table and chairs which will either be attached or kept separate. It may or may not have a desk storage space.
  • Armoires - A cabinet specially designed for the kids. It has numerous shelves to store all kid’s stuff. It is designed in attractive designs and colors.
  • Highchairs- It is a high heighted chair where the kids can be made to eat properly. It comes with a table in front.
  • Toy Boxes- These can vary in sizes. It is an essential for the kids room where all their toys can be stored.
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