Back Armchair

A back armchair is a chair with arm rests with a high back for support. These armchairs can be placed in the sitting room, bedroom or even study. These chairs are cushioned for the comfort of the one seated on it. These chairs are ideally made for relaxation purposes.

Fab Home The first back armchair dates back to the early 16th century. It is believed that it was first designed in county of Buckinghamshire in a comb-back style.

These chairs are ergonomically designed as they have a back support and resting place for the arms too. The back arm chair can be crafted with a large number of materials ranging from wood, metal and upholstered withleather, fabric, leatherette etc.The back armchairs are crafted in many designs fit for every household. The styles may vary from traditional to contemporary designs. The back portion of the armchair may differ with designs and patterns.

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