Bed Runner

Bed Runner Bed runner is a piece of cloth used for decoration of bed and is placed at the foot of the bed. They are also known as bed scarf or coverlet. These bed runners are easy to wash, are light weight and easy to fold. They also protect the foot of the bed linen. While adding color to the room, bed runners perk up the entire look of the bed and the room giving it a more artistic appeal. Bed runners are mostly non-reversible.

Bed runners are available in different sizes, patterns and colors. For single bed, bed runner is of 80 cm to 135 cm. For double bed, the same measures 80 cm to 200 cm, and for king size bed, it measures 80 cm to 225 cm. Bed runner drops on both the sides of the bed by around 12 cm to 16 cm. It also helps in keeping the bed spread together.

Bed runners are foldable with the length varying from 12 to 18 inches. Bed runners are similar to bed throws. These are mostly made of cotton but people have started using other materials which includes raw silk, linen, polyester and satin. Due to the richness of such fabrics, the look enhancing factor almost doubles up.

Bed runners were originated for residential use which then found a permanent place in hotel industry and are used in most of the hotels and motels. The color is usually made to match other furnishings in the room like pillow covers or other furniture upholstery.

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