Bedside Chests

Bedside Chest These refer to the cabinets or tables that are kept at the side of the bed to store books, and various other bedroom requirements. The tops of these chests are also used to keep photo frames, books, water bottles, night lamps that are required for any night-time reading. The drawers can be used to keep medicines, books, phone charger etc.

A bedside chest would ideally be of the same height or slightly shorter than the bed. A bedside chest will have well-built shelves and drawers to accommodate things in an organized manner. The furniture comes in a wide variety of designs and styles and generally matches the bed design.

Bedside tables can also function as end tables. It can be crafted with wood, engineered wood or metal. The furniture can sometimes also be used as accent furniture for the bedroom that will give a color pop to the room.

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