A beverage is a drink, other than water, that forms a part of human social culture and habits. Although water forms the base of many beverages, it is not considered to be a beverage itself. A beverage is not a need like water.

Beverages can be classified on various grounds such as alcoholic or non-alcoholic, hot or cold, and water-based or dairy-based. Alcoholic beverages include wine, whiskey, scotch, etc. as all these contain ethanol. Non-alcoholic ones include anything and everything from juices and shakes to coffee and tea. Hot beverages are supposed to be served freshly prepared while the cold ones can be stored in the fridge for later consumption. The consistency of a beverage depends upon the base material used in the making which can be water, juice, milk or curd (in the order of their consistency). A beverage should ideally have natural colors but sometimes edible, artificial colors are also added to enhance the look. Likewise, packed beverages can also be bought from the market. Although they have the necessary preservatives, they should be consumed with a few days and must be stored in the refrigerator.

Every beverage has a different serving style. There are different glasses available for all categories of drinks like wine glasses, whiskey glasses, everyday glasses for juices and shakes, etc. Drinks, unlike food, are not easily transportable unless they are stored in airtight containers. They play a good role in packing beverages for picnics or longer travels. Now-a-days, even travel mugs are easily available for short-distance, daily commuting.

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