Birch Wood

Birchwood Frame Painting Birch is a type of tree or shrub belonging to the genus Betula. It is closely related to the family of oak and beech wood. They are more common in cold areas but also grown in temperate zones. They have broad leaves, usually white bark and are a fast growing species. These trees have a very strange appearance of eyes on their bark. Therefore, they are sometimes also called ‘The Watchful Tree’.

Birch has many species and is mainly categorized on the basis of the color of the bark which varies from yellow, red, black gray and white. Out of these, the yellow and white ones are more popular. The white bark is often compared to paper and is good enough to be used as one. Birch wood is hard and durable for furniture and flooring. It is resistant to warping and does not expand when exposed to moisture. This makes it a convenient choice for manufacturers. It is also stain resistant up to a certain level.

The abundant growth of this tree renders it easily available and reasonably priced. Apart from furniture, it is also used in making wooden kitchen tools, music instrument parts, toy parts, toothpicks, décor products, etc. It can be treated with oils to make it food safe and hence can be further used in spoons and ladles. Finishes can be applied to bring a darker tone of wood, close to walnut or cherry. In more cold regions, it is widely used as firewood and works great to make the fire last longer.

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