California King Size

California King Size California King Size refers to a bed size which actually is the size of the mattress to be used on it. All the bed sizes in the world are referred by their mattress size only. While all beds have different length and width, they are sold in the market by the measure of the mattress that can be used on them. This is a standard rule. California King Size in inches is 72 x 84 and in centimeters it is 183 x 213. It is the maximum length of mattress that is available in the market, though it is smaller by 4 inches in width by the king size. The reason is that it is designed for very tall people (with height 6’2” and above). Although, it may not be a great choice for tall people who like to sleep with their kids or pets too. California King Size is also known as the ‘Western King’ as opposed to ‘Eastern King’ which is used for the standard king size. When considering the bed size, the size of the room matters as much as the individual requirement. California King Size is best suited for bigger rooms otherwise it will restrict free movement affecting the living space. Bed sheets for this size are different from the rest. They are customized in size to fit the mattress properly. As this size is less common, the accessories and furnishings tend to be priced on a higher side. But as the migration of people from different parts of the world continues to increase, soon these will become as popular as the rest.

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