Aapno Rajasthan Carving is the art of adding design to any hard object with the help of tools. It is more than shaping a piece of stone or wood; it is giving fine details which add to the beauty of the object. Sharp tools used for this purpose dig out a little matter from the original piece without affecting its strength. In ancient times, carving was the only means of scripting or documenting. Even in times when the languages were evolved, people used pictorial representations on wood or stone.

Today, this art is an asset for the handicraft industry. Carving is practiced on stones, marble, wood and hard metals like brass. It is also used in products like railings that are a combination of wood and metal, both being carved. Not just for décor but even products of daily use can be carved to heighten the visual appeal. Carving is commonly spotted on products like antiques, wooden boxes, photo frames, trays, pen stands and other desk accessories, door handles, incense holders, and other decoratives. Antique furniture like dining tables or center tables have carved legs and sometimes carved table tops covered with a glass slab.

Not only designs, even a quote in any language or symbols are also widely used in carving. These finer details require expertise that is inherited by the young artisans from their ancestors. Carving is very often complimented with embellishment of kundan and meenakari work.

Carved surface require special cleaning process in order to dig the dust out from the design cavity. Depending on the material, one can choose between using a damp cloth or a dry brush.

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