Country Style

Country Style Coffee Table Country style designs generally depend on the geographic location but it can be symbolized by primary and simplistic furniture, muted colors, matt finish and vintage fabrics.

Colors: Soft, muted colors showing the wear of time are indicative of a rustic country style. A more contemporary country look may feature a bright and sober color palette with accents of deep red, black or pure white to highlight the design.

Fabrics: Floral, checked and striped patterns are the most used prints on fabric used in country style décor.

Furniture: Pieces with straight lines, painted finishes and very little decoration come under the country style furniture.

Accessories: A country style home will have handmade, homespun quality baskets, carved decorative trays and bowls, pottery hand-forged and metal accents.

Country style is widely preferred in homes with a modern décor. Its simplistic and straight design suits households with a contemporary outlay.

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