Diwan Diwan is a couch like furniture that has storage space. Diwan comes in a bed or a sofa like shape and generally features rounded arm rests, rounded legs with tiny apertures. Diwan received this name because they were generally found along the walls in Middle Eastern council chambers of a bureau called ‘Diwan’. The name ‘Diwan’ comes from Persia and means a government council or office.

The diwan can be crafted out of iron, steel or wood. The seating cushions of the diwan are normally made up of hard cotton, to offer a comfortable experience to the user. The modern diwans are converted into box spring beds. This furniture is perfect for households where there is less storage area.

Diwans can be crafted in both traditional and contemporary manner. For contemporary look, the diwan will have straight cut designs and will feature minimalistic designs. On the other hand, traditionally designed diwan will feature carvings and motifs and will be generally crafted with wood.

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