Empire Style

Furniture Empire style, in its true sense of term, means anything kingly or queenly. Empire style can be found in anything majestic – In dress, architecture, interior decoration, furniture, painting or anywhere the style can be found. Any object classified with empire style must have the features that are beyond the commonplace standards, and meet the exceptionally high level of empirical spirit.

The Empire style was encouraged by Napoleon’s desire for a style inspired by the grandeur of ancient Egypt and imperial Rome.

The empire style furniture is typically characterized by clear-cut silhouettes and symmetry in decoration. The furniture characterizes massive, architectural in concept, and lavishly trimmed in bronze and brass on wood.A typical empire style bed will be low in height and will feature curve sweeping end on the headboard and footboard. The empire style drapery would be simple and classic in bold color combinations. The fabric is caught at the top hem at equidistant points to fall freely.

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