Polyester Bedsheet Polyester is a synthetic resin in which the polymer units are linked by ester groups, mainly used for making synthetic textile fibers. Polyester can be further classified as saturated and unsaturated polyesters.

Polyester is used to craft bed sheets, carpets, mats, cushion covers etc. It is also used in manufacturing many garments that are apt for wearing in any season of the year.

Properties of polyester:
The fabric polyester is strong and durable.
It does not stretch, wrinkle and shrink easily.
Since polyester is hydrophobic in nature, it dries quickly.
Polyester is easy to wash and dry.

Polyester is being used for various purposes across industries. It can be mixed with various other materials to form different kinds of products. It can be used for making products like PET, ropes, thread and CD’s.