Terracotta Table Lamp Terracotta is a type of earthenware which is a glazed or unglazed, where the fired body is porous. When kept on fire, it adopts a color ranging from yellow to red and is generally kept unglazed. Terracotta is considered to be cheap, versatile and durable. Bricks, diyas, lamps, flower pots, water pipes etc. some of the common things that crafted with terracotta.

The refined clay is given the desired shape and kept for drying in the kiln and then exposed to high temperature. The temperature is around 1000 degrees. The iron content in the clay decides the shade of the terracotta- red, brown, orange or yellow. It is generally used in an unglazed form but if a layer of glaze is added, it can become watertight.

These days terracotta is used to craft décor items and pots and planters. It gives an ethnic touch to the décor.