Vintage Gramaphone Decor Vintage refers to the fashion of previous era. Vintage takes into consideration the age, rarity, condition, utility and construction of the material. Vintage can refer to a building, furniture, clothing, décor etc. that has the look and feel of the gone times.

The vintage décor include the iconic objects of that era. Some commonly found designs are engraved floral pattern photo frame, a gramophone decor, vintage cars or lamps with calligraphy dating back to that times.

Vintage furniture would generally be more of an artistic design and will have decorative art on it. If speaking about the furniture, it will feature curves, carving and engraved designs all over and be bulky. The commonly found vintage furniture is iron/ wooden bed, chest of drawers, love seat, wood cabinets etc.

The furniture of that era looked royal with upholstery in rich fabrics like silk and velvet. Vintage furniture is still widely used in households that want to reflect their style through their furnishings.