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Designer Candles for a Romantic and Incomparable Serenity

Admit your true heart feelings before the lady in the soft candle light cornering the room. An intoxicated feeling that these candles impart is definite to make her heart melt. The mesmerising aroma of these candletunes in a splendid atmosphere and creates an inviting ambiance. It is no secret that the designer candles with their irresistible fragrance are bound to take you miles away from the hustle-bustle of your routine life.

Give an Enchanting Look to Your Abode with Designer Candles

Sense the warmth as the fresh scent of jasmine, rose, water Lilly flows through the entire abode to enthral you. Floating candles are the ideal decoration pieces with the motif of creating a relaxing atmosphere. The designers with an artistic flair have paved their way towards floating candles that with their magical aesthetics create a dreamy atmosphere that each soul yearns for. Feel beauty with these candles that come up in plethora of fascinating hues and inimitable formations. The contours of the candles are aptly moulded to achieve the much needed floating impact.

Put them in a large glass bowl with pebbles and sea shells to double the effect. You can experiment in many ways with these candles. Add few rose petals for an extra spark. Their astounding beauty comes out in truest sense when you place a panoramic mirror beneath the container to let the soft illumination get reflected onto the walls too.

Decorative Candles are Ideal for Adding Beauty and Elegance

The decorative candles nowadays are stunningly styled to introduce beauty and fragrance into any place. They are exquisitely crafted in floral, geometric and many other patterns that make them fine decoration pieces for adorning any dining table. You can place them inside your bedroom to enjoy a warm aroma for relaxing. The light glow around the room has an invigorating effect. You can choose from varied fragrances as the options are limitless. These candles are a best fit for the people with artistic taste.

Feel Serenity with the Designer Candles from comes with an exciting range of designer candles that will render an interesting twist to your abode. We possess a wide variety of floating and decorative candles that can enhance the grace of any space with their soft glow of light. They are characterized with their eye catchy colours and amazing formations. The designer candles come with a fresh scent of Water lily, Jasmine, Rose, Vanilla and much more so that you can pick up any fragrance according to your personal taste and preference. These candles are offered to you in countless shapes, colours and designs. We sincerely believe in providing great value for money. So, what are you waiting for? Check out some of these exclusive pieces for your home decor.