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Why are aprons used?

Using an apron is very useful while working in the kitchen. It serves as a garment that covers the front part of the body. It is used mainly for protecting the clothes from wear and tear and maintaining hygiene. Aprons are used in profession of nurses, waiter and domestic workers. It is also used by people working in mines and other areas.

Types of Aprons

There are two types of aprons- bib and waist aprons, that are fit for use in the kitchen. The bib apron covers the upper part as well as the lower part of the body and will usually have one tie knot strap at the back of the neck through which a user can put his or her head through and second at the waist. The waist apron covers only the lower part of the body and is usually used by waiters in a restaurant. It may feature pockets to keep stuff within reach and lets the user enjoy more ease of movements. Aprons crafted for domestic use can be crafted with cloth, plastic and rubber or PVC.

Aprons – Quintessential Kitchen Linen

Apron is one of the most popular kitchen linens that will come to use in chopping and cutting vegetables, cooking food and washing utensils. It helps in keeping the clothes clean by avoiding its direct contact with food elements. Kids’ apron can also be bought to keep them away from staining and dirtying their clothes during painting and gardening.

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