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What is a steamer?

A steamer is a crucial appliance in any functioning kitchen. A Food Steamer offers a fantastic way to cook vegetables, meat and fish which is both healthy and simple! It can greatly enhance the overall nutritional value of your meals as it does not need any oil, and the steam ensures that your food retains its nutritional benefits, unlike other ways of cooking. Find Quality steamers at FabFurnish.com - India's number one choice for a wide selection of home furnishings and appliances at amazing prices.

The Healthy Option

Steaming your food is a fantastic and highly recommended way of cooking. Unlike baking, frying, grilling or boiling, steaming does not allow the natural goodness in the food to escape. With steaming, the food is very gently cooked without adding any oils or fats, which is fantastic for cooking meats such as chicken, fish and other poultry. Steaming also retains the nutritional composition of vegetables and maintains their crunchiness much more easily than boiling.

Convenience of Steam Cookers

Almost anything can be cooked with a steamer. In addition, most steam cookers offer several different trays which allow you to cook your meat and vegetables separately but at the same time using the same appliance! Cleaning and washing up a steam cooker is therefore minimal and you won't have any big pots and pans to scrub afterwards. Just one appliance to clean up and you are done!

Selection of Steamers at FabFurnish.com

FabFurnish.com has a huge range of steamers for cooking and you can avail free returns within 15 days. This sleek white appliance boasts of several features such as a 'keep warm' function, and capacities for all types of food. In addition to steamers, most kitchen appliances can be found on our website, including a vast array of kitchen utensils such as toasters, electric kettles, blenders, food processors, juicers and sandwich-makers to name a few. All Products comes in an array of colors, sizes and prices to suit all budgets, tastes and needs. So take a look around and you will be sure to find a great bargain which will make your kitchen amazing!