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How does Offline Payments work?

We now provide you an Offline Payment solution for all orders above Rs. 10,000. At the time of placing the order, you need to just select the Offline Payments Option and our authorized bank details and detailed instructions will be shared once you finish checkout.
Once you have the Bank Transfer details (which you will see on the Order Success page and also receive via email) you will have to make the complete payment using Offline Cash Deposit/ Bank Transfer.
Kindly note that your order will be confirmed only after payment receipt confirmation has been received within the 72 hours of placing the order.

Do I have to pay any charges for availing Offline Payments service?

Not at all! You will not have to pay any processing fee/ surcharge whatsoever! However, please check with your respective banking partners if in case they have any nominal charge for deposit/processing.

I have opted for the Offline Payments option – What do I do next?

These are 3 easy steps which you need to follow after placing your order:
•Make the payment into our designated bank account as per mentioned details
•Share the deposit details with us
•Receive an order confirmation email once payment receipt is confirmed
Yes, it’s that simple!

How do I share my deposit details for confirming the order?

Please check the order success email sent to your inbox on placement of the order, where you would have received a link to submit your deposit details. You can also call us on our helpline number or drop us an email on care@fabfurnish.com with a scanned copy of your deposit receipt for quicker processing.

What if I lose the link I need to share deposit details? Will my order not get confirmed now?

Don't worry at all! In case you have made your payment but have lost the link to share the deposit details with us – just reach out to customer care at or email us at care@fabfurnish.com and we will assist you immediately.

Why has my order been cancelled?

Kindly note that payment receipt confirmation for offline payments is required within 72 hours of placing the order. In case you fail to do so, our system will automatically cancel the transaction. However, please do not worry and let us know in case you have already initiated a transfer post 72 hours. As long as the product is still in stock, we shall assist you to place a fresh order for the same.

Can I cancel an order placed using Offline Payment service?

Standard cancellation policies apply for any Offline Payments order, which currently are as follows -
•Cancellations on categories (other than furniture and lighting) are allowed only till the item is shipped from our warehouse. Please contact our customer care to assist with you the same.
•No cancellations are allowed on Furniture and Lighting categories once the order is placed. In case of any exception, at sole discretion of FabFurnish, two-way shipping charges will be borne by the customer. No refund will be made for Offline Payments orders that contain products from Furniture and Lighting categories.

I have placed an Offline Payments order including multiple items. How can I cancel one of the items from it?

In case your order does not contain any item from furniture/lighting category, you go ahead with the cancellation as per the cancellation policy and obtain a partial refund accordingly.

How will refund be processed in case of valid refund requests?

As long as the refund request fulfills our established criteria and is approved by our finance team, you can share your bank account details and we can initiate a bank transfer for refund. Alternately, you can opt for refund via Cheque and the same shall be sent via courier to your billing address.