Do it yourself!

Ever knew that pebbles could lend a touch of aesthetics to your wall?
Yes, they can!
Let us weave a little magic around pebbles, this Sunday…

Materials you would need

1. Blank Canvas

2. Pebbles

3. Shells

4. A dry branch/ Twigs

5. Fresh leaves

6. Decorative flowers

7. Scissors

8. Glue gun

This is how you would do it

Step 1 Take a blank canvas and place a dry branch on it.

Step 2 Arrange decorative flowers and brown color pebbles at the bottom
(as shown in the pic) to make the structure look like a tree. it around the bottle

Step 3 Next, rearrange pebbles (in red and gray) in the shape of
human silhouettes and an arch. Use a shell to ​complete the female silhouette​.​

Step 4 When the placement is final, stick the pebbles on the canvas
with the help of glue gun.

Step 5 Add elements such as fresh leaves and tree barks to complete
the composition.


* Rearrange the pebbles first before sticking them on the canvas.
* Experiment with pebbles in different colors to create fresh looks.

Go ahead, get this pebble art framed and beautify your wall in a flash!