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Chandra Dabas


Landscaping Designer



Do it yourself!

Have a green thumb?
This Sunday, let's prepare a terrarium--
a mini-world full of lush and fresh plants...

Materials you would need

1. Glass container--vase or fish bowl

2. Small rocks

3. Charcoal

4. Soil

5. Spray bottle

6. Small trowel

7. Accessories--Buddha statue, shells, small rocks, colored pebbles

This is how you would do it

Step 1 Clean the jar and get rid of unwanted stains

Step 2Once the jar is ready, add a layer of small rocks or pebbles

Step 3Add charcoal-this will protect plants from fungus and bad odor

Step 4Spread soil on top of charcoal-covering an approximate area of 2 inches while ensuring that the center has more soil as opposed to the sides

Step 5Use trowel to dig in and make space for plants

Step 6Gently take plants from their pot and trim off their roots if needed and place them in the soil

Step 7Accessorize your mini garden; you may go as creative as possible

Step 8Water it using spray bottle


Do not place it in direct sunlight as it will effect the health of your plant

The quantity of water to be sprayed varies with the choice of plant

If the charcoal turns gray means your plant needs water