Let the #FabDiwaliMakeover of your outdoors begin!

Doing up your entire home?
Don't forget the outdoor spaces!

The Perfect Patio

Opt for furniture pieces that are high on class and functionality. Go for wicker or teak furniture-which are season resistant. Make their whimsical curves the highlight of your outdoor setting. Remember to experiment with colors and patterns for its time to banish the banal.

Brighten up!

Let striking candle holders catch everyone's attention, this Diwali. Place two or three of such pieces on the coffee table and you have yourself a gorgeous arrangement. Let the outdoor spaces gleam with festive fervor, thanks to these stunning finds.

Mix comfort with style

Celebrate your love for colors this season. Opt for floral prints or bejeweled cushions covers-grace the outdoors with a fancy parade of cushions. Layer your sofa set and accent chairs with lots of cushions.