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Successful jewelry designers Mamta and Vidhi Gupta who showcase their avant garde and elegant inspiration in their online brand,
live with their family in a gorgeously styled house in Delhi. Their home is surrounded by gardens--conjuring a vast and serene setting.
Striking home accents and plush furniture pieces embellish their beautiful home giving it a strong statement. Echoing traditional charm, their
home interiors are a true representation of the colonial and classic era.
With their creative talents and an eye for distinctive charm, the house effortlessly incorporates the
personal identity whilst reflecting their extensive global-trotting.

Jewelry designer home living room

Elaborate furniture and rich tones augment the colonial look of the home.

My Fab Style

One or two adjectives that capture the meaning of home for you?
Mamta: TLC tender loving care
Vidhi: Comfort (read tracks and oversized sweaters), warm, cozy

What do you love most about your home?
Mamta: That everyone has their physical and emotional space, yet are strung together closely with abundant love and warmth.
Vidhi: I love that we all have our favorite places in the house, and yet you will find us hanging out together in the family room the most.

How does your room reflect your personal style?
Mamta: Warm colors, plenty of sunshine, open space and functional interiors summarize my room.
Vidhi: My space totally defines me--it's uncluttered, and unlike the rest of the colonial and classic interior of the house, my room is very Parisian.

Which corner of your house is your favorite and why?
Mamta: Family room--as that is the place where we all congregate when everyone is home to catch up, cozy up and make some noise.
Vidhi: My couch in the room. That's the only couch my dog is allowed on.

A color that defines you?
Mamta: Red (passionate and expressive)
Vidhi: Whites--with a pop of pink

My Fab Pick

The drink that you love to hang out with
Mamta: Water and caffeine are the only constants--rest are all mood and place dependent.
Vidhi: You can always bribe me with a good cup of coffee

Any favorite vices
Mamta: Long drives--not the most eco-friendly thing to do!
Vidhi: Excessive planning of everything.

Your favorite restaurant
Mamta: None in particular. I am more for company than for food.
Vidhi: In Delhi - Olive is always an easy pick. Off late, I've been gorging on the Sushi from Yum Yum Cha.

Your favorite coffee table book
Mamta: A Journey Through Every Country of This World (by Lonely Planet)
Vidhi: "A perfectly kept home is the sign of a misspent life" by Mary Carter.

Where would we find you on a Sunday afternoon?
Mamta: If the weather is nice, then most likely outdoors playing football, or soccer.
Vidhi: I love doing Sunday brunches--so most likely trying out a new place.

Zariin home interior  With contrasting interior choices, we agree on
one thing, home represents comfort,
love and care. It defines a cozy place for the family
to get together and catch up with each other.
— Mamta and Vidhi Gupta

A wrought iron console, pedestal tables & a mirror tucked into a niche create a charming setting

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