Nidhi Agarwal Founder Kaaryah

With the thought of finding a perfect fit for the women@work, and putting the much prevailing struggle of finding an attire for all shapes and sizes at ease, Kaaryah is quickly becoming a go-to label for working women, everywhere.

Founder of Kaaryah, Nidhi Agarwal talks about her well designed home. Showcasing a liberating mix of design--lively, aristocratic and culturally rich, her house reflects elegance and style.

Termed as a collector's dream, her place is an exciting mix of memories--displaying a prodigious collection of art and objects. From her style icon to a favorite corner in her house and how she is perfectly refashioning the fashion world, get set to know all about her.

Living Area Sofa Set

Rich texture and elegant patterns, her living area echoes the traditional charm

What are you most inspired by?
Hardwork. Nothing is more important than that. Everything relents with this and everything begins with this.

What's your daily ritual like?
I get up at 7:30/8 and start to think of what needs to get done during the day. My day is usually pre planned with meetings etc. Besides that I eat breakfast in the company of my family and play with my dog (Speedy) before I get ready and leave for work.

Where would we find you on a Sunday afternoon?
Cuddled in my bed with a movie on the laptop with Speedy by my side.

Who is your style icon?
Anne Hathaway's style! Her various moods and expressions are very relatable.

Any favorite vices
I love dark chocolate. You can give me some even when I am on a diet and I will twitch and turn to deny it but then relent anyway.

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Nidhi Agarwal Nishi's Quote

The drink that you love to hang out with
Diet Coke + Vodka + Lime

Your favorite restaurant
I am schizophrenic with restaurants. I love a (clean) place which serves food that satiates the mind, heart and then the stomach. :)

Color that defines you
Simply put: Red. But specifically "Pompeian Red: Pantone 18-1668 TCXX".

Traditional Sofa Design

With earthy tones, this set-up is an impeccable amalgamation of traditional and cultural design

Anything that might be surprising about you?
You will be surprised with the kind of songs I dance to. I have seen people in shock when they see me or find out either way.

One statement piece that has some story attached
My mom bought this Masai Warrior statuette from South Africa. It is so pretty, so detailed and surprisingly made by hand (not molded in a machine) and still is so detailed. Such work of detail and precision can only be achieved if real interest is poured into it. It actually amazes me.

Chairs Statuette of Masai Warrior

Left: Handcrafted statues, hanging diyas and beautifully molded classical furniture pieces are the highlights of this interior space. Right: Masai Warrior statuette from South Africa