Rose Quartz and Serenity

Two signature colors of 2016 are making waves around the design world! Rose Quartz is an influential
yet calm tone that conveys a sense of composure. Serenity imparts more of an airy feel, like the
clear blue sky-conveying ease to the entire setting.

When put together, comes into play a soothing sensation that conjures-and grants a vibe of serenity and peace.
Pair this with leaf green, wood, metallic, matte or glossy textures and it adds to the entire setup.

Implement it through various patterns and textures. From getting a chandelier in serenity tone to integrating
it in sofa stripes-you can play with the color the way you wish to. The idea is to reflect the color of the year in
your interiors. Never go over-the-top when injecting certain color tones-always remember to maintain
certain consistency and experiment with a few parts in the first go.

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Serene Sips

From getting serenity colored tray to napkins in rose quartz, add a zest of freshness to
your tea gatherings. Create subtle combinations by getting the crockery in pristine
white or vice versa. Amp it up by adding fresh, natural flowers.

Relaxing Retreat

Shades of rose quartz and serenity can create a soothing boudoir. The quaint study
corner with a wooden table and white chair helps break the monotony and add glam to
one's interior. For a fresh touch, deck up the room with plants-place them on the window panel or at the
entrance of your room; choice is yours.