Porus and Prayag the Photographer and Stylist Duo

Exuding tons of personality, Porus and Prayag's upscale and functional abode will make every design aficionado fall in love. Taking a tour of their home is like walking down memory lane--wherein every piece has an equally interesting tale to tell.

From a carved metal drink bearer and a clay horse picked from a Persian artifact store in Dubai which signifies Porus's Zoroastrian heritage to the metallic aeroplane sculpture from BoConcept, as a token of reminder of the years they spent training as pilots, their space is brimming with memories.

Learn how Fashion Photographer, Porus & stylist, Prayag have created a modish and harmonious abode--together.

L Shaped Sofa

Minimal furniture and lots of white make the space look airy and spacious--precisely what we wanted.

My Fab Style

How does your aesthetic and lifestyle inspire your living space?
We personally enjoy neatness, precision in the work that we do and subtleties as individuals, which also reflects in our home. However, we enjoy living well, and wanted a space that could reflect these impressions while looking effortless.

What do you love about your apartment?
Clean, minimal, clutter free and spacious

When you decided to decorate the home--what was the process like?
We made a few structural changes in the apartment, we turned the kitchen into an open concept, merged two bathrooms to create a big one, converted a bedroom into a walk-in closet and another one into a study/guest-room. We began referencing ideas, and made mood boards with the help of our architect. Both of us were highly involved in the transformation, and luckily agreed on most of the creatives.

What was the hardest part?
Watching our ideas come to life and take form and hoping they look just as amazing as we envisioned them to be.

What do you love most about the idea of "home"
Home is that safe, familiar place you know you'll find relief and comfort. And sharing it with someone you love only makes it better, knowing they are always there for you.

My Fab Pick

What is your favourite space ?
Porus: The master bathroom, of course! Prayag: The study. I like the whites in the space and also the view overlooking the hills.

What's your tip on organizing a closet?
We created a walk in closet, so there is ample space to organize it the way we would like to. We both have our own separate sections and everything is segmented-t-shirts, shirts, trousers, formals all go on their assigned shelves. The shoes again have sliding drawers of their own. Everything is within easy reach and that's how it's easy to keep it all organized.

What part of the house do you spend maximum time in?
The study room

Any amazing anecdote you'd want to mention about a particular piece?
The frames with vintage stamps in our living area wall--the stamps belonged to Porus's dad, who collected them over the years during his lifetime. So we went through the boxes and picked out a few of the many, arranged them in a color sequence and got them framed.

How important is it for two people sharing one space to have similar taste?
I think our aesthetics match a lot. We love clutter free spaces and that was the main aim in mind, when we were getting our home done up.

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