Vritima Wadhwa


Creative Head,
Project 810, Furniture & Interior Design


New Delhi, India

Artful Baker (Photo Credit: Reuben Singh)

The one style that you are hooked on to?
My style is an eclectic mix of multiple design languages. You'll see influences from World over--Local materials combined with Scandinavian forms, highlighted with classic details. There's no one theme or style that I'm hooked on to.

What are you most inspired by?
Every day is a new inspiration. I believe that your mind continuously gets inspired by the visuals around you in a subconscious manner.

If not a designer, what you would be?
Definitely a painter! I quit painting when I moved to college and would love to get back to it someday.
Any quick DIY trick that you would like to share
Change cushions and bedcovers of your room and freshen up the paint of your walls for a quick non fussy room makeover.

Must-have for every room
Be it somebody's house or a cafe, good lighting is something I would consider as a must have!
The drink that you love to hang out with
Sangrias! Maybe. I'd rather have friends and conversations to hang out with.
Where would we find you on a Sunday afternoon?
This is a tough one since every Sunday is different. But I try to catch up on my sleep on a Sunday.
Your favorite restaurant
Fio-Cookhouse & Bar, Epicuria, Nehru Place
Color that defines you

The Hungry Monkey , Delhi

Hungry connotes 'Curiosity' and Monkey implies 'Adventure'-that being the idea behind designing the visual elements of the restaurant, The Hungry Monkey.
Characterized by rustic walls, Edison bulb elements, wooden chairs and plywood tables, the overall scheme is to give 'The Hungry Monkey' a touch of loft. Further accentuated with partially open kitchen and metal shelving, this place is a surreal setting-that brings forth the magnetism of invention and curiosity.

My style is an eclectic mix of various design languages. From local materials combined with Scandinavian forms and classic details.

The varied design style can be seen through the array of cafes and home that I have done-starting from The Hungry Monkey, Outhouse, The Artful Bakery among many others.

Clockwise from right : Diva (Photo Credit: Anshika Verma), Fio, Vritima with her team, Vritima's work space