The international fashion designer-successful, charming and ever-elegant-who has carved a niche for herself with her line of exquisite, and sophisticated clothing label-lives with her family in the beautifully styled house in Delhi.

Her house "Summer leas" is surrounded by sprawling gardens, exquisite plants and rare trees (one of the few homes in Delhi with a Chinar tree).

Quick to recognize its myriad charms, Ritu amped up the spacious house with a vibrant mix of family heirlooms, big furniture pieces, dramatic chairs, signature African inspired sofa, and spectacular art and sculptures. The resulting look is 'classic traditional'. She and her husband, Bobby collected most of the paintings together. They never look for trendy art, that is, just big names; they like to patronize also the lesser known artists.

Step inside Ritu's beautiful world and get inspired

Fuse-fine and classy, the thoughtful mash of cream and brown hues gives this living room an all-though exquisite feel

What makes a place go from "house" to "home"?
I avoid giving a house a particular "look"; I believe one cannot live with a 'look' for long. My first priority is to make the house livable and to make sure that every room has a distinct personality.

Your most prized possession at home?
Most of what is at home is prized.

What's your space of Zen in the house?
My favorite place at home is my private sitting area which doubles as my home office as well. I also have a small temple in there and that's where I am whenever I need a quiet moment with myself.

The ultimate home-decorating crime
Ugly fake flower bouquets are a big no. I feel you must avoid multicolored floral bouquets: choose three colors at the most and your third color should be white.

What are the most important elements to keep in mind when decorating a space?
In a small space, try to minimize clutter and the use of surplus objects. A home must be lived in and not look like a hotel.

Does Paris find its way into your home?
Paris is an integral part of my life. You will see it in everything I do, including my home and its surroundings.

What do you love about living in Delhi?
Delhi is my home and I love being with my family and close friends.

What are your favorite memories associated with any of the collectibles like art/pieces of furniture in your home.
We have old collections of Yarkand's, Nain's, Meshad's and Agra jail carpets. We also have some antique Kilmns which we picked from various parts of the world. The African masks are a museum collection, proudly put together by Bobby.

Shop Ritu's Style

Ever-growing love for art and sculptures, led to the creation of this artistically rich hallway

Tell me about your love for chandeliers and ornate pieces.
I love both--an uncluttered Zen style and the classic look. I also love picking up unique decoration items such as, vases, candelabras and crystals, from all sorts of exotic places and locales.

You have a gorgeous garden-tell us all about it.
The garden is nurtured by my mother-in-law and I have added different elements like a white wooden horse and bronze sculptures to add drama to the space. I like the outside to be as beautiful as the inside. We, have a gorgeous Balinese Sala, a pavilion in the garden where we spend a lot of time.

Clockwise from right: Adorned with rich and coaxing decor pieces, this plush dining space exudes panache and elegance. Extensive garden expanse with big fountain and sculptures-is the perfect space where Ritu loves entertaining guests. Spectacular in its own way-infused with a wall size painting, this living area radiates an unnoticeable charm.