Saanwari Gorwaney Founder of Poppadum Saanwari Gorwaney Founder of Poppadum

Saanwari Gorwaney, the founder of Poppadum Art, is a cheerful and upbeat person to meet and hangout with! She invited us over for a cup of coffee and we made her spill the beans on how her house looks just so perfect!
It's a happy piece of heaven on the 16th floor! As we entered, the playful quotient only increased coupled with the host's warmth. Hand-painted accessories and one-of-a-kind mirrors transform the entire home into a delightful space, colored in the shades of joy.

Step inside and get a renewed sense of inspiration!

Jewelry designer home living room

A playful living room captures her love for the extraordinary

My Fab Style

We are looking at a very interesting setup, what inspired this? Tell us about the materials used, the palette and different textures you have experimented with.
My husband and I are creative people and that reflects in the house too. We never wanted a formal setup that we won’t relate to, so we have put our own character into it

One curated piece of yours that you're very proud of
The dining table. The top is a repurposed door with a knob and bolts paired with assorted chairs. It took almost 2 months to complete the setup.

An exciting profession, must say! What made you choose this?
I started out with advertising but got bored. And then I realized that we have beautiful home products but nothing for young people. That pulled me here, in this "happy" profession!

Anything surprising about you?
I am a product designer with absolutely no education in design!

My Fab Pick

A few adjectives that signify the meaning of home for you
Bright and happy! Comfortable.

3 absolute must-haves for a playful decor
Flowers, colors, and a lot of your own personality

Anything in your house that comes with a memory
The Star Wars Storm Trooper in the study was kind of nicked from a theatre stairwell and resurrected to form a huge part of our decor.

What is your favorite space in the house?
I love our dining room because of the colors and abundant sunshine. That's where I spend my mornings mostly!

Your favorite holiday destination?
London or Havelock Island!

Colorful Dinning Room  With contrasting interior choices, we agree on
one thing, home represents comfort,
love and care. It defines a cozy place for the family
to get together and catch up with each other.
— Mamta and Vidhi Gupta

A colorful dining room that perfect depicts Saanwari's unique style

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