Meet our Curator

saheba singh


This Is It Design Pvt Ltd



My Fab Style

The one theme/style that you are hooked on to?
My personal favorite is Vintage-- All things Vintage

What are you most inspired by?
Change! Change inspires me the most. The way people, their habits, their lifestyles change in different spaces and different times-that's inspiring to the core.

If not a designer, what you would be?
A psychiatrist I think …. I still read a lot on that subject…

Must-have for every room/house
Something that makes it smell heavenly. So, incense sticks,
oil diffusers and candles.

Where would we find you on a Sunday afternoon?
On my couch, reading a book or lunching with friends at Perch... (Currently my favorite go to place)

My Fab Pick

Any quick DIY trick that you would like to share
Paste sea shells all around an acrylic globe and fix a bulb inside it. Do lots of these in different sizes and hang them in a corner of your terrace at different heights and levels above lots of plants.

The drink that you love to hang out with.
A smoky malt

Your favorite restaurant
Nammos in Mykonos

Color that defines you

Penthouse has been designed like a Penthouse. So, if you are in Penthouse, you feel like you are hanging out with friends at someone's place.

Change inspires me to fine tune my design just a little bit more. It's quite interesting to see how the same person will behave so differently in a city, a hill, by the seaside ... Even how they transform during the course of the day.

All my projects are inspired by their concept and location. Everything is designed and curated keeping in mind the end consumer.

Why we are named 'This is it designs'...
It was named 'This Is It' by my friend (and founding partner) Neha Sabharwal. Well, one evening we were both a little upset with the way things were at work for both of us and she said - " This Is It.. We have to start having fun at work... ". So we formed our company and just named it This Is It. But since Micheal Jackson had already registered 'This Is It' - we had to call ours 'This Is It Designs'.