My Fab Style

What are you most inspired by?
I am most inspired by honest artists whether it's in music, film, fine arts or poetry

If not a musician, what you would be?
Well, I am a CEO of a technology company called Snaplion which I run along with Midival Punditz. I am passionate about both, Music & Technology

Where would we find you on a Sunday afternoon?
In my studio or my bedroom

Anything that might be surprising about you?
Nope... .I'm very boring

Which city's architecture inspires you?

My Fab Pick

Your favorite restaurant
Gung the Palace. It's a Korean restaurant where my friends and I love to go.

The drink that you love to hang out with

Color that defines you

Which corner of your house is your favorite and why?
My DJ console area in my living room where I can play music and entertain my friends and also my studio where most parties eventually conclude.

Any favorite vices
I am very partial to all kinds of Punjabi food full of Ghee

Unconventional and classy, the dining space in his house is subtle and has an understated elegance
that comes into picture with this maroon colored plush seat.

As founders of the band, The Midival Punditz, Tapan Raj and Gaurav Raina are making waves in the world of music. With the release of their last album, 'Light' in 2015, they are all pepped up for their second tour to support the record this year.

Tapan's work reflects something beyond the profound passion for music—it radiates his die-hard love for life. Conjuring pieces from both traditional and modern world, adorn his house-with a dark red statement wall in the living area to a traditionally-rich sitting corner; each corner has a different story to tell.

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Tapan at his studio, the favorite place in his house--making a new tone for his upcoming album

I love to mix & experiment with different types of music—as it is something that constantly evolves and keeps changing

Everlasting love for music, led Tapan and Gaurav to experiment and coin their very own mix, 'Indian Electronic' which is an amalgamation of Indian Classical, Folk, Sufi with a punch of western styles of dance music like Breakbeat, Drum, Bass and House. Having released 4 studio albums and 1 remix under a California based record label, Six Degrees Record, they have come a long way in the world of music.

Clockwise from right: the culture rich corner in his living area. satellite lights which illuminates
and makes his foyer stand out and his dog posing on the comfortable sofa in the living area