Meet our Curator

Avneet Mann


Co-founder, The Wishing Chair



My Fab Style

The one theme/style that you are hooked on to?
Well, I am totally into maximalist whimsy, playful bursts of color, texture and pattern amidst a contemporary, classical design.

What are you most inspired by?
I’m most inspired by the enchantment and nostalgia of stories we read as children; the kind of place that beckons at your heart and makes you want to devour all those beautifully illustrated Enid Blyton books.

If not this, what you would be?
Magic, dream-bug pixies!

Where would we find you on a Sunday afternoon?
Find me on a terrace or garden having a lazy brunch with friends and mimosas.

The drink that you love to hang out with
Dark-roasted strong coffee.

My Fab Pick

Must-have for every room/house
Fairy lights! They instantly make any room look warm and dreamy.

Any quick DIY trick that you would like to share
If you feel your room is looking too bare or vanilla, then add one or more of these 3 things: flowers, wallpaper or rugs. These tend to soften a room, mark the eyes’ attention to a particular focus area and add color and whimsy.

Your favorite coffee table book
From DIY and craft books, to interiors and fashion; Ultimate Papercraft Bible, everything from Martha Stewart, Paper to Petal and the list is endless.

Your favorite restaurant
La Piazza and Cafe Lota -- Delhi.

Color that defines you
Anything that isn’t black or beige.

Call It Magic!
What started out as a dream 3 years back is now a magical reality! A little space that evoks childhood memories of fairytales and wonderland, The Wishing Chair is definitely sending you back in time and you are going to love it.

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