Infuse traditional spaces with the striking mix of elements-from vibrant colors, rich patterns, and hand-crafted artifacts to delicate embroidery, Udaipur has a lot to offer when it comes to adding a conventional twist to your interiors. Set free and let the rudiments of the beautiful place gleam bright through your decor.

Into the dunes!

Reflect your love for all things rich and vibrant by delving into the attractions of Udaipur. Appraise the architecture by taking in design elements such as cut work and inlay which can be incorporated into furniture, fabrics and accessories.

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Rustic Revelry

Bring in metallic elements coupled with bright and vibrant colors, add to it woods in shades of natural and honey—and we have a classic yet familial mix of the spirit of Udaipur.

Balance, Rhythm and Harmony

Just like the bright shades of lehengas of the gypsies gleam against the dunes; let the subtle backdrop of the setting add softness to the pop of color in the living room setting.